Local Businesses We Support

Going local does not mean walling off the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ workers at decent wages and serve primarily local customers. It means becoming more self sufficient and less dependent on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant companies and back into the community.

  1. Shopping local boosts the local economy because more of the money you spend in your local independent business stays in the community then if you shopped at a big-box store or out of town.
  2. Shopping local creates jobs. Small, local businesses are the largest employers nationally. When we support local shops and services, we are supporting the process of creating local jobs.
  3. Shopping local increases our tax base. When you support and invest your day-to-day dollar in Summerland business you are contributing to our tax base which improves the services we all benefit from. No local business means higher taxes for everyone.
  4. Local businesses invest in Brandon. When we support local business we support the future of our community. Businesses owned by Brandon folks are less likely to leave the community and are more invested in our success.
  5. Local business offers choices. Over the long term, successful local businesses are able to supply products based on local needs, interests and demands rather than based on national sales strategies.
  6. Shopping local saves you time and money. By not travelling to out of town shops, you are saving on fuel (money and the environment) and time. By buying local and what you need, rather than all those “deals” on your way to cashier at a big box store, you are saving money and reducing items that will just go to the landfill anyway!

Shopping local is a habit that we could all benefit from!

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